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Create impact with us


Projek Cita-Nita designs programmes that empowers youths to work on tangible social impact projects that advance economic opportunities for their local communities. We enable youths to learn and gain valuable problem solving skills by giving them a hands on experience in solving real world social problems. Youths are supported through our workshops and guided by our network of experienced mentors.


Join us by volunteering your time, skill and efforts towards improving your local community tangibly. Through our programmes, you will be able to learn valuable problem-solving skills while generating a positive social impact.

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Our current list of beneficiaries include B40 women from Perak and F&B entrepreneurs based in Selangor. We are constantly looking for beneficiaries facing challenges with economic opportunities, and look to providing you with additional minds and hands to solve it. 

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Join our network of mentors to guide youths passionate about making a positive social impact in their problem solving tasks. Gain valuable leadership and practical problem solving experience through our programme.

Get Involved

We are always looking for partners to expand our network of mentors and students as well as beneficiaries. Collaborate with us to create social impact for Malaysia!

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