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About Us

A platform that empowers youths to improve economic opportunities for Malaysian communities. 

Founded in 2019, Projek Cita-Nita designs programmes that empowers youths to work on tangible social impact projects that advance economic opportunities for their local communities. We enable youths to learn and gain valuable problem solving skills by giving them a hands on experience in solving real world social problems. Youths are supported through our workshops and guided by our network of experienced mentors.


We believe that working with youths enables us to spark a spirit of giving and a strong sense of community in them. Our aim is to catalyze their journey as impact oriented change makers to improve the lives of those around them, even as they grow to pursue different career paths. 

Past Projects

  • MPower Women - A project that empowers B40 women with job opportunities, in partnership with Grab and the Perak State Government and supported by the Axiata Young Talent Programme.

  • MPower F&B - A project that empowers university students to provide pro bono consulting services to F&B clients struggling in the COVID economy. Students are guided by experienced mentors

PCN Logo.png

Our Logo

Our logo depicts youths from different backgrounds coming together to solve a problem that benefits the local community, symbolised by a puzzle in the middle.​

I was impressed by the students ideas and proposals, I learned from their creativity and gained insight about my business from a young person's perspective. They have helped me enhance my digital marketing approach and reach out to younger customers."

Rahul Bhutani, business owner

(MPower F&B, 2020)

Along with my mentor, we helped the business reinvent their social media image and diversify their traction of customers from other customer segments.  I learned that studying academically in university is important but it is all theories and "what if’s" until you push yourself to jump into the real deal."

Jason, student

(MPower F&B, 2020)

"Kos hidup semakin meningkat tetapi tugasan menjaga anak separuh masa tidak mengizinkan saya bekerja sepenuh masa. Sekarang saya dah jadi Pemandu Grab dan mampu menghantar anak saya ke Taska. Saya dapat hidup lebih senang dan meluangkan masa bersama keluarga saya. Saya amat bersyukur dapat menyertai Projek Cita-Nita."

Siti, Grab partner-driver

(MPower Women, 2019)

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